Why You Need to Shop Local or Small Business for the 2020 Holiday

Let's face it. The uncontrolled pandemic has killed most of your local businesses.

If we want small and local businesses to exist after the pandemic we need to support them.

If they offer shopping online with curbside pick up or delivery, do it. These businesses support families in your community. They put food on the table and add money into your local economy.

In September, CNBC reported on a Yelp's Economic Impact Report. The devastating news is 60% of businesses are permanently closed. This was through August. What we don't know is how many small businesses listed on Yelp compared to the National number. But we still need to ask what will our final quarter of 2020 look like? We should be expecting a much bigger percentage of permanently closed businesses.

What can we do? WE need to order take out form local restaurants. We need shop at local stores for gifts, if you can afford them. For many of us, there will be no gifts for Christmas. BUT if you can afford to shop and eat out. BUY LOCAL.

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