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Show Me the

You need some assistance with tech:

  • We do an SEO Audit of your website

  • We analyze the best Social Media sites for your Ideal Client

  • We perfect your website language for Organic Traffic

  • $5000

I Hate Tech
But Need a Change

For people who need help with technology

  • We do an SEO Audit on your website

  • We analyze Social Media Traffic 

  • We help you perfect language for Organic Traffic

  • $7500

Let's Perfect
My Digital Presence

For those with a digital presence but need guidance:

  • We do an SEO Audit on your website

  • This level is about perfecting language for Organic Traffic

  • $2500

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)              $499 a month

  • I provide the analytics for the marketing team

  • I provide interpretation of the numbers for your marketing team to determine best next steps in their Marketing Strategy

  • This option is best suited for companies who need an additional executive but do not have the payroll to bring on a CMO. 

  • My goal as an outsourced CMO is help your company increase profitability to allow you to eventually hire a permanent CMO 

  • For an additional $99 a month I can train a marketing team member to become the CMO. The training would include Google Analytics, Social Media Insights, and your in-house Analytics reports.